Sunday, September 2, 2012

Classroom Reveal

We started school a week or so ago, but with all the craziness that comes with Back to School I am not just posting my classroom photos. I thought I had enough time to get everything on my to do list done before Open House, but just like every year I was wrong. I was frantically making my cute little owls just hours before my students walked in the door. The kids really like my owl theme this year. Those bags that my mom and I had worked so hard on were in ripped into in 5 seconds flat. So glad I took the picture when I did !! I got my classroom ready for the first day, I just wanted to have more of my curriculum done by this point. We are in the process of converting to the Common Core standards, and there is a lot I would like to get done in addition to my normal routine. My students are great, the first couple of days were fill of fun activities which the kids really enjoy - but they wear a girl out. I am trying to have a more interactive classroom this year, which is a good goal. This goal does take a lot more of my time then just working in the student workbooks. I have noticed that my students are a lot more engaged and interactive with the assignments I have been giving them. They keep wondering when I am going to give them their workbooks. I think they are dreading them, I hope not to have to revert back to them at all this year. I will take some information out of them and make it into a flip-chart on my Activboard. That way it is still interactive and the students don't get lost in another boring worksheet.