Friday, July 13, 2012

Walmart - Back to School Shopping

I was just supposed to be grabbing a couple of things for camping at Walmart yesterday. When I walk in Walmart ( not my favorite store, but they have great prices) I see they have their back to school supplies out. I WAS just going to take a look. Yeah.. 35 minutes later I have half of a cart full of stuff. I got my new calendar and teacher binder, so cute !! I am doing an owl theme this year, and Walmart had tons of owl stuff. Who knew? This weekend my teacher girlfriend and I are doing a whole day of teacher shopping and bonding. I am so looking forward to it. I just hope I have some money when I return :) I am not letting myself take the bigger vehicle just in case :) Happy Shopping

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scootpad - Common Core Website

I just signed my class up for Scootpad. It was really easy and the best thing it is free. I love sites like this !!

Class Motto

I usually have my students recite a poem after the pledge to help with memorization and learing about poetry. This year I am thinking of having them read our class motto out loud after the pledge. I hope this will remind them what we are all about. I really hope they realize that we are a family. I spend more time with my students than my "real" family. I look at them like they are a part of my extended family. I teach multiple grades, so I have students for 3-4 years. You really get to know them. It is really hard when it is their time to graduate in the 8th grade. I will have my first student who I had as a 3rd grader graduate this year. I have seen so much growth from her that I am amazed. It just reaffirms why I teach everyday, and some days I need it !

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's an Owl Theme !!

I told myself, as well as many others, that I wasn't going to do a new theme this year. I have changed themes every year and I put a lot of work into the car theme last year and really liked it. But, then I saw the cutest owl theme stuff ever and had to go with an Owl theme this year. I have found a lot of other teacher with owl themes. I also have found some really cute clipart on Etsy today. Now I know where all their cute stuff came from. Can't wait to get started, just not the laminating :(

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting Ready for Common Core !!

So I have a couple of training sessions this summer to get ready for Common Core. Honestly, I really hope the trainings are good, because I am still a little lost. I am finding some great website that will help align those Common Core standards. I found this one and I really like it. I like that it shows books to go along with each standard.